Heart2Heart is geared towards children (foster/orphanage/military/homeless) of all ages. A 501©3 non-profit organization. Heart2Heart mission is to supply every young person with a new pair of shoes, especially those who need them most. Heart2Heart reaches inner-city underprivileged children in need. We have begun outreach around the world. Missions with a purpose to other countries, sharing hope and a new pair of shoes.

Shoes are a very important part of children life, especially in their daily uniform, whether it is at school or home. Shoes help build their self-esteem, and it gives them a sense of confidence. These shoes can be used for all purposes, everyday walking, classroom; they may also be used for athletics purpose.

We want to build bridges that have been torn down; to mend the worn soles of the community. Heart2Heart wants to leave its footprint in every community to create a place of opportunity for the children to realize their goals for the future. Heart2Heart comes to bring HOPE and make a CHANGE!

In the year 2024-2026 we our working on planning stages to open positions within the non-profit organization for youth opportunities during the summer.

Our goal is that every child we encounter leaves with a smile, and a future of hope. Our long-term goal is to open a youth center to mentor and empower the youth of today. (Heart2Heart is changing, equipping and bringing hope to children all over the world.)